Land Rover Discovery Water Ingress Manual

So you've got your Land Rover Discovery and you have found a water leak into the vehicle; Welcome to Land Rover Ownership!!  Very soon after buying my Discovery, which is my first Land Rover, I was told that if it doesn't leak then its not a Land Rover.

After finding water in the rear loadspace I was more than a little annoyed that this expensive vehicle could be leaking.  I posted a question to the LRE Forum and received many helpful replies which served to educate me that such faults are indeed just another part of the characteristics of Land Rover Ownership, something that I have come to accept.

It became apparent that every Discovery leaks from somewhere, it is just a question of in how many places!!  Below are the LR 'fix sheets' for the water ingress into the Discovery.  I followed the sheets and have cured the water ingress into the rear loadspace, which was the only problem area on my vehicle.  I have since discovered a leak into the front passenger footwell, although only onto the mat and only when I wash the vehicle.  Obviously that is my mistake; washing it!!

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