Galloway, Scotland

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01. Our Holiday Base(s)

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    All new photographs May/June and July 2004 for Caerlaverock Castle, Glenwhan Garden, Glenluce Abbey, Orchardton Tower, Sweetheart Abbey,
    Crossraguel Abbey and Dundrennan Abbey

02. Caerlaverock Castle
03. Cardoness Castle
04. Castle Kennedy Gardens
05. Dundrennan Abbey
06. Glenluce Abbey
07. Glenwhan Garden
08. Kirkcudbright
09. Logan Botanical Gardens
10. Threave Castle
11. Crossraguel Abbey
12. Sweetheart Abbey
13. Whithorn Excavation
14. Cairnholy Stones
15. Orchardton Tower
16. Torhouse Stone Circle
17. Glen of the Bar

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